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Sarah de Graaff-Hunter


Casa y Campo Porches Summer 2008

Casa y Campo Porches Summer 2008
The views towards the Gaucin mountain from the terrace of this house in Malaga province are impressive. On the Moroccan mosaic table are two iron candlesticks, also from Morocco. On the floor, two Moroccan lamps of glass and metal.

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La Revista de Sotogrande April/May 2008

La Revista de Sotogrande - A Place in HeavenA PLACE IN HEAVEN
The rugged landscape of the town of Gaucín in Málaga province is the setting for the house designed by its owner, Sarah de Graaff-Hunter.

Sarah de Graaff-Hunter was one of the pioneering English people who settled in the town of Gaucín 35 years ago; since then the English population has grown gradually due to the charm of the town and its surrounding area.

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Casa y Campo Issue 168 March 2008

Casa y Campo issue 168 March 2008 UNA CASA Y DOS PASIONES
En la casa malagueña de la pintora Sarah Graaff-Hunter se respira el mestizaje y la mezcla de la esencia Marroquí y Andaluza. Un refugio muy especiál enclavado entre dos montañas, en un paraje natural de gran belleza.
The house of the painter Sarah de Graaff-Hunter in Malaga province exudes a mixture of the essence of Morocco and Andalucia. A very special refuge set between two mountains in a place of great natural beauty.

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25 Beautiful Homes April 2007

25 Beautiful Homes April 2007 issue - Height of Good Taste HEIGHT OF GOOD TASTE
While on holiday, Sarah de Graaff-Hunter fell in love with the hills of Andalucia - a year later she bought and restored a former olive mill there.

The area of Andalucia in which Sarah has chosen to make her home has borne the brunt of nearly every military conquest of Europe since the Romans. The locals were somewhat relieved when the latest wave of 'invaders' turned out to be nothing more than tourists who were looking for a quiet life in a Mediterranean village that offers some of the most breathtaking views in southern Europe.

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Casa y Campo Issue 89 2003

Mestizaje en el Sur MESTIZAJE EN EL SUR
En plena Serranía Rondeña, con vistas al exótico Marruecos, se encuentra esta casa que, aunque planta Andaluza, luce elementos constructivos Árabes, además de un refinado interiorismo de sabor Europeo. Una osadía decorativa con excelentes resultados.
In the middle of the Serrania de Ronda with views to exotic Morocco, is found this house which, although Andalucian, has Arabic Moorish influences that show through in the architectural details together with a sophisticated interior design of European flavour. A daring decorative style with excellent results.

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Vogue Espana 2001

Vogue Espana 2001PRIMERA CASA
Embarcarse en una nueva vida en común supone establecer de convivencia; llenarlos de sentido, compartir gustos. O sea, elegir juntos.

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